Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A bit of glitz...

Kaspar is back crocheting again.

This time he has reinvented his wristwarmers
to be a bit more festive...

He used some 8ply yarn and sparkling
festive yarn together...

He used a larger hook...size 5 1/2mm
And as a result he did cut back on the amount of rows...

Even for him, they were super fast.
and had one made in an hour...

A glowing success...

And pretty darn....COOL...

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Festive Sale in my etsy shop

Getting into the festive spirit today...

I have listed my Nellie skirt pattern on etsy
with a bonus Nellie caplet pattern as well.

Unfortunately I don't have a great photo of the caplet...
but I can tell you I have made this caplet many times
and it is a favourite amongst my crochet class ladies. 

The Nellie skirt uses chunky 12ply yarn with two strands together
and a size 10 mm crochet hook.

Where the caplet uses three strands of 8ply and a 
size 10mm crochet hook...

You could always get creative and use the same yarn for both
just make adjustments to the opposite pattern.

Once you get the hang of it you can do one in a day...

I have also listed a little bonus offer with some of my most popular patterns.
This is for a very limited time.

Just follow the link on my sidebar to my etsy shop
and you will find this bargain...

You can make a gift for yourself, your friends and family...
Or maybe whip some up to sell at your local market...

All of these patterns are a instant download via etsy...
So no waiting around, you can get started right away...

Happy crocheting my dears...

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crochet Christmas Wreath tutorial.

Yes it's that time of year!

Now to get into the spirit, why not take it that step further...

Make you very own Babble Christmas Wreath.

Here is how!

You will need:
Yarn - two colours I used 8 ply
String - not too chunky.
Styrofoam wreath.
Size 3.5 or 4 mm crochet hook.
Some strips of fabric.
Hot glue gun, and lots and lots of refills for it.

To start- set aside two weeks and a huge amount of patience.
But it will be worth it! ...
I did count the Babbles, 115 in total. Whew...

I have made two sized babbles.
Small and Large.
As the string is rougher it will made those babbles a bit bigger,
but that adds to the texture.

This is in English crochet terms...

Small Babble:

Chain 2 making the first chain loose.
Row 1... 6 double crochet back into first chain.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 2... 1 chain,
2 double crochet into each double crochet from Round 1.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 3... 1 chain,
1 double crochet in each double crochet from previous Round.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 4... Same as Round 3 
Row 5... 1 chain, decrease row by:
Crocheting 2 double crochet together all the way around.
You will be left with 6 stitches in total.
Trim end and leave some yarn to sew the opening closed.
Stuff your babble with some stuffing and sew closed.
This will be the end that you will hot glue to the wreath so it
does look to shabby.

Large Babble:

Chain two making the first chain loose.
Row 1... 6 double crochet back into first chain.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 2... 1 chain,
2 double crochet into each double crochet from Row 1.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 3... 1chain, 
( 1 double crochet in first stitch, 2 double crochet in next stitch.)
Repeat ( - ) to end.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 4... 1 chain,
1 double crochet in each double crochet from previous Row.
Join with a slip stitch to first double crochet.
Row 5... Same as Row 4.
Row 6... Same as 4.
Row 7... 1 chain, decrease row by.
( 1 double crochet into first stitch, 
double crochet the next 2 stitches together.)
Repeat ( - ) to end.
Row 8... 1 chain, decrease row by:
Crocheting 2 double crochet together all the way around.
You will be left with 6 stitches left.
Trim end and leave some yarn to sew the opening closed.
Stuff your babble with some stuffing and sew closed.
This will be the end that you will hot glue to the wreath so it
does look to shabby.

Now I have made a lots of Babbles for my wreath.
You could do a smaller wreath or use these Babbles as part
of some other festive display.

Now to prepare your Styrofoam wreath.

I  have wrapped strips of fabric to my wreath 
as I don't want the hot glue to make contact with the styrofoam.
You can hot glue the fabric together 
but just overlap the fabric and glue into place. 
I don't think that hot glue and styrofoam go together very well.
By covering it you have a nice base to start glueing 
your Babbles onto. 
You will use a lot of hot glue, I think I used about 20 sticks.

Now I wanted my wreath to look a bit tidy so a made a crocheted circle 
to cover the back as well.
I did this by starting with 11 chain.
Miss 1 chain,
Double crocheting into the next 3 chain,
Half treble into next 3 chain,
Treble into the last 4 chain.
I then turned my work over and matched the same stitches.
Trebles in the trebles, Half trebles in the half trebles
and Double crochet in the Double crochet for the next row.
I continued this for 6 rows. 
Every 7th row I did one plain treble row.
I just found that evened out the shape.
It will depend on how big your wreath is to how many rows in total.
I think mine is about 76 rows.
I sewed my circle together and hand stitched it to the babbles on either side.

I know that sounds like a lot of work.
But you don't really have to do that as you don't really see it.

So there you have it.
Your very own Babble Christmas Wreath.

I hope you enjoy making your own.
Don't forget to send me some photos of your finished wreaths.
As I always love seeing your work.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In the Spirit...

It's that time of year again...

We drag out the old decorations and resurrect
what we can... 

Or like me you get the crafty hat on and make something
new to add a smile to your day...

I have been very busy indeed...Crocheting some Christmas decorations
that have a little bit of bling and a little bit of texture...

Yes, just some very basic supplies ...
String, wool and a styrofoam ball...

Oh, not forgetting the most important thing!!!...

My crochet hook...

But if hooking some Christmas decorations isn't your thing.

Add some Pompoms to a piece of string...they look great and are easy to make...

And I will leave this post with a little drawing I did...

I call it "Turmoil" 
The inner conflict between a Eco friendly Christmas
and the bling and glitz of childhood Christmas's past.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Art, drawing and something to do for the night

Here my friends are some random drawing 
that seem to keep me busy of a nighttime.

I sketch away with my trusty pencil,
then outline with a ink pen.

I hope you like them...

P.s. photo quality is a tad dodgy 
Due to late night happy snaps...

Stay crafty my dears!...even when it's far to late at night
and you should be in bed fast asleep...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Homespun September Issue

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU...
to the amazing team at Homespun magazine.
for featuring one of my patterns in their
September issue.

Grandma Rosie Rings...

Also the front cover features the lovely work of Sedef
from Down Grapevine Lane...
It makes me think a few spring showers
wouldn't go astray at the moment...

This is an Australian magazine that offers lots of crafty inspiration,
just reading the front cover is making me feel inspired.

Kids sketches into toys...Yes!

It also keeps you posted about the people, trends and happenings in the craft world. 

It is a magazine that is part of the Universal Magazines...Australia...

You can follow the Homespun link to their Complete Craft site
 a comprehensive website sharing all the latest and greatest in craft. 

The site covers a range of titles
 from patchwork, quilting, stitchery, cross stitch, bags and dolls to beading, 
scrapbooking, country home decorating and antique collecting.

Follow Homespun on Facebook HERE...
or grab a copy at your local newsagents...

I know I will be...

Happy crafting!

Friday, August 2, 2013

What the seasons bring...

The winter has been hard to get use to
even thou it has been milder than previous years. I sign of age...

I have had little chance to create any new patterns,
I seem to just pick up the wool and come up with something...
or find a pattern that I like and give it a try...

Which is nice, Especially when it turns out...

I have spent more time on the sewing machine than before,
making up some bags and hats and a few cushions.

I know a lot of my blogging friends are having a lovely summer 
and it's always so nice to visit your pages and see the sun shining.

I am sure it will not be long before the weather is bright and cheery 
and I am looking for cotton to crochet and spending days at the pool with
the kids...

But for now I hope that you all enjoy spending some crafty time with your friends,
getting inspiration from as many places as possible and just enjoying what the seasons bring your way..

Till next time...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Happy crafting with fabric paint.

I made this cushion with a doily stencil and some hand painting...
Here is how...

Use some good quality fabric paint. 

Place paper doily where you want it.
To keep it from moving around use some sticky tape or fabric glue spray.

A stipple brush is the best thing to use to apply the paint.
Dabbing lightly as you go, but with good coverage.
It should look something like this when you are finished.

Now to add a favourite animal into the centre, 
draw or use a pre-made stencil if you are a bit unsure about it.

You can dabb the paint like you did with the doily or you can
free hand paint your image on.

Once the design is finished let your image dry for at least
12 hours to make sure that it is really set.

Iron your image for about 3-5 minutes but be careful not to burn your fabric.

I used my fabric to make some cushion covers.

If your freehand painting is pretty good try some other designs.

Here are some that I did earlier.

Happy crafting my friends...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sonja's African flower bag

Some time ago I had a lovely email from Sonja
who lives in The Netherlands.

As they use different weight yarn etc than what we use in Australia,
she wanted to know what would be the best to make her very own African Flower Bag.

Sonja recently sent me some lovely photos of her finished bag...

I adore the use of a beaded handle,
It clips off and it can be used as a little clutch purse.

Even though the yarn weight was different,
I think you would agree that Sonja's little bag is just granny gorgeous!!!... 

Thanks you so much Sonja for your lovely emails and great photos
that you have shared with me...

I love to see everyone's finished projects so if you have some of projects that you have made from one of my tutorials or maybe even some photos of projects like Sonja's that was inspired by something that she saw on my blog. Please feel free to email them to me and I will be happy to share.

Sonja doesn't have her own blog yet, but when she does I will be sure to add a link.

With beautiful work like this it would be wonderful to see some more adorable projects from her...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Make and Do...

Make and Do – 
a day of talks and discussions 
led by today’s leaders in Australian design 
sharing how they successfully launched their businesses, 
kept them growing and conquered the online marketplace...

I will be hosting this day with Michael Reid 
as part of the galleries strong commitment to
Australian designs and products.

Having an event that will give our audience
a unique opportunity to learn and discuss
the positive influences that the handmade community 
has to offer will be a new and
refreshing topic for our event days.

When: 27 th  October 2013

Where: Michael Reid at Murrurundi 
Boyd Street, Murrurundi.
The Upper Hunter, N.S.W.

Cost: $65 per person (includes light lunch and afternoon tea). 

Booking can be made at the Michael Reid Web Site.

The Speakers:

After studying in Australia and the US and working in the banking sector, Vanessa Anderson started to design and create cakes and cupcakes in Oregon.  Following her move back to Australia she quickly established a reputation for pretty sweets and fabulous tasting cakes and in 2008 she and her husband Jon started up Sugar Rush in the stunning Hunter Valley.  Inspired by artworks, fine china and fabrics, Vanessa’s painted cakes, and fine piping work are known as some of the best in the country and have been featured in wedding magazines and newspapers, and on the internet and television. Vanessa and Jon’s tutorial site Cake Style TV provides resources and step-by-step cake tutorials to followers all round the world.

Angela Lavender from Country Culture, is passionate about supporting Australian designed, made and produced goods – from designer products to handmade finds and unique gifts. Country Culture grew from her desire to bring together the many rich and colourful sources of talent that she has discovered - often in the most unexpected of places - and showcase it to the whole world

In 2000 Megan Trousdale and her husband Duncan re-established Nundle's oldest shop, Odgers and McClelland Exchange Stores, a business started in 1891 that had been closed for over 20 years.  As well as serving customers over the counter, in 2012 they took the store online and now send parcels of tea, soap, enamel cookware, garden tools and kitchen utensils - wrapped in their distinctive brown paper -  all over Australia and overseas. Online sales now represent 30 per cent of  turnover.  Megan is also a freelance writer for Country Style, House and Garden, Good Living, Organic Gardener, and Gardening Australia.

Interwool and its fashion brands Sheer Bliss, Bliss, Baby Bliss and Carrigan are the brainchild of Nick Bradford and his wife Kylie.  Since starting in Sydney in 2002 the company has brought to market the best superfine merino knitwear, scarves and coats, manufactured in Australia and China.  Its sales doubled each year for the first three years and enjoyed double digit growth thereafter. After two office and warehouse relocation's, Nick and Kylie bought Nundel Woollen Mill in 2007 and relocated InterWool there in August 2013, continuing to produce innovative clothing for the Australian and New Zealand markets and to develop knitwear for international markets. 

 For more update on this event and whats new at the gallery
Please checkout the 
Michael Reid at Murrurundi Facebook page
which I update on a regular basis 
highlighting art, culture and events that are happening at the gallery and around 
our picturesque town.